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The cars that appeared in Birmingham before the First World War fall into a number of age categories.

Access to this section will be available to anyone who has a copy of the book. Monkeying with the Brass Pot - Birmingham's Early Motor Industry.

Garrard Blumfield Reconstruction small Garrard Blumfield Reconstruction 2 small

The Garrard and Blumfield Electric Phaeton 1894

Veteran Cars - Made before 1 Jan 1905

Edwardian Cars - 1 Jan 1905 to 31 Dec 1918

Vintage Cars - 1 Jan 1919 to31 Dec 1930

Classic Cars - 1 Jan 1931 to 31 Aug 1939

Alphabetical Listing of Marques

Car Badges

Car Garages

Car Component Manufacturers

If anyone is interested in helping to build a working replica of the Garrard and Blumfield, please get in touch.

The Garrard-Blumfield Project