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In between research trips and working for a living I will be posting updates here. So visit this page for the latest news.

By didbirmingham, Jul 9 2012 12:03PM

I have started a group on the new Britain from Above website for anyone interested in early Birmingham cars. A remarkable number of the early car works are visible in the aerial photographs of the twenties and thirties.

Join the Group at and look for more.

By didbirmingham, Apr 19 2012 06:44PM

The first batch of books has arrived from the printers so we are ready for Drive It Day. Tomorrow a pre-order page will appear on the site and books will start to be delivered during next week.

By didbirmingham, Apr 8 2012 12:51PM

The approved files are back at the printers on Tuesday and it is all systems go. The printed books wiil be in our hands a few days before the launch date so we will put our shop online for pre-orders when they arrive.

By didbirmingham, Apr 5 2012 08:33PM

Have picked up the proof from the printers and, except for a few of the older images which could probably do with a bit of tweaking, all is well.

The book is still on course for the 22nd April.

By didbirmingham, Apr 1 2012 05:18PM

The 't's have been crossed and the 'i's dotted so the book will be sent to the printer later today. The index building is not a task that I would wish on anybody but it did at least throw up some inconsistencies that could then be corrected.