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Austin Sixteen Burnham Saloon Holdsworth The 1897 Anglo French Calthorpe

April 2012 will see the publication of a book that covers a part of Birmingham's history that, amazingly, has not appeared before.


Monkeying with the Brass Pot - Birmingham's Early Motor Industry is the story of the marques that appeared in the city from the very beginning of car building until the Second World War.


Research for the book has revealed a large number of car makers, many of whom have not previously had their story told.


From the first electric cars, through the veteran period, the cyclecar boom and the post First World War consolidation of the industry the book examines each marque individually and in chronological order.


This website is intended as the continuation of the research with the opportunity for new marques, information and pictures to be gathered in one place accesible to anyone interested enough in the subject to have bought the book.















The book will contain well over 400

photographs and illustrations but

many more have been gathered during

the course of research and many of

these will appear on the site.


As surviving cars are located and

photographed or filmed they will

also be included in their relevant



Though the book contains the most exhaustive list available to date it is anticipated that more car building exploits will come to light in time, maybe you have some photographs of your ancestors in unidentified cars? Please send them to us and we will make an effort to identify them.